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Join 1, other followers C. Because the last time we got a story about Jon, this happened:. Werewolves and nude women.
Di Silvestro's film hasn't much of a story or characters, just a succession of opportunities to ogle its female star naked, naked and suffering, or naked and covered with the blood of her victims. There's a gender discrepancy here, and while that might be something one would expect from a book that's little more than a supernatural porn, but "Tarot" is a book that both prides itself and has built a substantial readership on the pretense that it showcases strong female characters. Michael Forsyth, check out his collection of bizarre news, available on Kindle and in other eBook formats. For the record, Vera's breasts aren't merely convenient handles, they're actually a cunning trap:
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For "Tarot," this is actually not an unusual occurrence. Much like Tarot, Jon has supernatural powers. You know, I've been wondering.
Posted October 27, by C. Vera, as her name suggests, has been hunting down werewolves, but the key factor here is that she shows up and almost immediately says the best line to grace the pages of "Tarot" in almost two years:. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on tumblr. I've been reading Jim Balent's " Tarot: Irenke Fodor, a year-old factory worker, was discovered on the east side of Varolsliget Park on the morning of October 17, police say. Painted in , the portrait inspired a number of copies soon after, leading to speculation and contradictory claims as to which is the original painting. The rest of the book is mostly devoted to werewolf combat, although there's another high point in this panel
The rise of female werewolves is to be welcomed. Do we really want to see naked hairy women creating havoc in the arts? When you see a werewolf on TV, in a movie, or in a novel, Werewolves and nude women you noticed how few of them are female? Where is the female werewolf in our horror repertoire? Has she snuck away to hide in a dark lair, growling softly, waiting for an unwary traveller to walk past? On those rare occasions when the werewolves in a story are women, Werewolves and nude women often tap into social fears in a different way.
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